May 25, 2011

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Earlier this month, the Embry Riddle EcoCAR team attended a “Racing for Kids” event at the New Smyrna Speedway. It was a perfect opportunity for the EcoEagles to showcase their car and educate a new audience on the EcoCAR competition and the technologies they have implemented.

On the day of the event the team was given a spot in front of the race track to display their EcoCAR. Team members spoke with many of the kids and families in attendance, giving them some background info on advanced vehicle technologies. Overall it was a wonderful event for the EcoEagles, as well as all the kids involved!

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The Ohio State (OSU) EcoCAR team is working to implement the SAE J1772 standard for charging electric vehicles into their vehicle.  This standard outlines the requirements electric vehicles must follow in order to be charged at public charging stations. The charge port and plug that Yazaki North America donated allowed the team to incorporate the communication required to meet the standard.

Implementing SAE J1772 allows the charge station to interact with the vehicle, turning on vehicle controllers and increasing functionality.  The vehicle touch screen now displays a battery charging screen with a state-of-charge indicator while plugged in.  In addition, the vehicle DC/DC convertor is awakened and simultaneously charges the 12V battery, eliminating the need for an external 12V charger.  Charging communication also allows the vehicle to charge on both 120V or 240V, which makes for faster charging times.

Meeting this standard is a big step for the OSU team in ensuring that their EcoCAR maintains its consumer appeal in addition to being eco-friendly!

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